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Enjoy Happy Hour on Walts Patio

Visit Walts Patio for pizza, pasta, steak and drink specials

Had a long day at work? Need to relax and unwind after a streesful day? Stop by Southern Illinois' favorite outdoor patio at Walts!

Long before the term “Happy Hour” was coined in the 1920’s by the United States Navy, workers would kickoff the weekend at the local pub. As we near the end of the week, many of us will continue this ritual with our colleagues. Everyone has their own motives for going to happy hour; whether it be to blow off the week’s steam, brown-nose with the boss, or flirt with the co-worker you don’t have the courage to ask out on a date.

Or maybe you prefer to leave the stress from your job and your co-workers behind, and relax with friends over food and drinks.  Many people take advantage of happy hour to vent about their daily grind and finally unwind after a busy week.

Don't forget the Walts outdoor patio is open every evening, so you can relax and enjoy happy hour any day of the week! Check our Events page for a listing of live music, or kick back and watch the game on one of our flat screen TVs.

Did You Know?

Walt personally makes all of the specialty margaritas.
Walt makes all of his own pasta sauces, including marinara, cream and meat sauce.
Walt hand picks all his Ribeyes.
Walt's sirloin and shrimp scampi is the most popular surf and turf dinner in the area.
Walt donates over 500 pizzas per year to schools, churches and organizations.
Walt's has been a single owner operated business since 1977.
Walt's dishes are prepared for your health without a lot of added salt, sugar or preservatives.

Our Hours

Sun & Mon: 4PM - 11PM
Tues-Thur: 11AM - 11PM
Fri & Sat: 11AM - 12AM