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Check out our daily specials here at Walt's Pizza. The freshest ingredients from the freshest foods, Walt's has been a proud staple of the Southern Illinois dining community for over 40 years.

Pepperoni Pick-Up

Large THIN pepperoni pizza is $8.99 every day!

Walt's Pizza

Daily Pizza Specials

Large Double Decker


$22.99 (Delivery or Pick-up)

2 Medium 2 Topping

Thin Crust

$20.99 (Delivery or Pick-up)

Large Thin

Pepperoni & Cheese

$8.99 (Pick-up Only)

$12.99 All Day Each Day

Pick-Up Specials
  • Monday – Large Thin Crust Meat Eaters
  • Tuesday – Large Thin Crust Deluxe
  • Wednesday – Large Buffalo Chicken
  • Thursday – Large Thin Crust Meat Eaters